Online Gambling in the US

online gambling

Compared to the other hulks o’ cash, online gambling has come a long way in the last couple of years. In particular, the US has seen a surge in the number of poker players, as evidenced by the slew of online poker sites popping up on the internet. The same can be said of sports betting. In fact, according to the latest comScore study, online gambling was the king of the castle in the fall of 2011. Specifically, the US is home to over 10 million gamblers, a number that has grown by nearly a third in the last couple of years.

Although there is no such thing as an official online gambling industry statistics tally, the numbers suggest that online gambling is a big business. The best estimate of US gambling expenditures, based on federally sponsored research, is roughly $8 billion annually. For context, this is a small fraction of the total number of people playing poker in the US, but it is still a significant percentage of the estimated population. Specifically, online poker is the single largest contributor to total US poker revenue. In fact, online poker is estimated to be worth $6 billion annually in the US.

The number of players in the US online poker industry is estimated to be around 10 million, a figure that has risen by nearly a third over the past couple of years. In addition, the number of players in the US online sports betting industry has grown by almost a fifth in the last few months. The same can be said of the number of players in the US online casino industry, which is estimated to be around 10 million. In short, online gambling is here to stay. If you haven’t yet checked out your online gambling options, take advantage of the many free no deposit bonuses offered by many of the world’s top online casinos. The number of online poker players in the US is a growing number, as evidenced by the aforementioned no deposit bonuses.